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About Us

Meet the Founder
Welcome to Sleepgoddess - your one-stop shop for vegan, ethical, British-made beauty sleep products.
I’m Laurelle, the founder of Sleepgoddess. Grab a cup of tea and discover more about my story that led to founding my first business.
In October 2019, I was made redundant from my job completely out of the blue, having just returned from maternity leave. Feeling lost and dejected, I left the job a week later and set about to pursue a life-long dream: to start my own business. In fact, redundancy was a blessing in disguise, as it led me onto a new path to found Sleepgoddess.
As someone who suffers with insomnia (I’ve tried every sleep product on the market!), I’ve always been interested in quality sleep and waking up feeling my best. 
A busy mother of two, I realised one night with my daughter Gabrielle that I was so tired of constantly having to wrap satin fabric around her pillows and using the same satin in her buggy to look after her hair. I thought, there must be an easier way. I set about to create my own silk-like product that was multi-functional, cruelty-free and easy-to-use - fast forward to September 2020,  I launched Sleepgoddess with its own unique range of elasticated, vegan silk pillowcases.
Sustainability is so important to me, and our products are made from vegan fabric right here in the UK (Dagenham, to be exact!), bringing a little bit of luxury to your bedtime routine. What’s more, with our unique designs and look, our products are unlike any other, so you can enjoy a touch of glamour at bedtime. 
Sleepgoddess products are designed to be practical and improve your sleep, hair and skincare routine - rest better and awake to your best life. I ensure our products are handcrafted with care, made by local seamstresses, with precision using only natural, ethical and sustainable elements.
The silks I use are cruelty-free, and in some cases where polyester is utilised, I go the extra mile to ensure that recycled polyester is used. My personal philosophy is that with sustainability, small contributions work towards the greater good. 
I launched this new business with an aim to make a difference and be a solution to replace fast and unsustainable fashion for your beauty sleep needs.  I am on a journey to ensure that ALL of the fabrics and materials used are plastic free.
I invite you to be patient with me while I learn and find the best and relevant resources to produce the finest and glamorous sleep aids for your needs.
I invite you to join with me in making a difference by choosing this ethical, sustainable and small, black owned, female owned business. 
Love, Peace & Sleep, 
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