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Beauty Sleep Affirmations
Beauty Sleep Affirmations
Beauty Sleep Affirmations


Beauty Sleep Affirmations

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Money, relationship or health concerns, many fears, worries or bad habits are some of the barriers in getting quality sleep.

Using positive affirmations as part of your sleep ritual helps to interrupt negative thought patterns & calm your mind & body so you can benefit from quality sleep. 

These newly edited Beauty Sleep Affirmation Cards are helpful first-person statements that encourages peace, calmness, joy and encouragement to prepare for a quality night of rest. The set contains 33 positive affirmation cards which are categorised into sections for affirming Health, Abundance, Self-love, Positive habits and Relationships.A helpful “how to use” is also included.

The set is presented in a convenient card style box for home use or travel. Cards are made from recycled card paper stock 350gsm.


  • 33 Affirmation Cards
  • Handy storage box
  • 1 Instructions for use card
  • Each card is printed on 350gsm card on recycled card paper


  1. Find a comfortable place to relax, preferably in bed.
  2. Select a card randomly
  3. Read and say these affirmations for 21 days to convey a new message of calm and peace and beauty into the subconscious mind
  4. Repeat multiple times if you feel the need to and take a moment to focus on the affirmation. let your thoughts settle in your mind.
  5. The more times you do this, the easier it gets. and the more you'll believe in it.