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Beauty Sleep Pillow Scrunchie Monstera
Beauty Sleep Pillow Scrunchie Monstera


Beauty Sleep Pillow Scrunchie Monstera

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If you've struggled to keep your hair in an updo or pineapple for sleep here is your new fab solution. My extra large vegan silk scrunchie is padded to allow your hair to be cushioned and provide more comfort.

These are gentle on the hair and are silky soft without the silk or guilt. It will prevent snagging or pulling on your hair and look fabulous in bed!

Suitable for the washing machine – wash with like colours, preferably in a delicates bag.  Delicate Silk cycle and air drying is recommended. 

You saw it here first and these are sure to be a hit as they're already popular with my initial market research and testing. Grab yours today.

See care instructions in our FAQs for more details.