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Why a warm shower may be the answer to helping you fall asleep

The UK's weather is predicted to go into the 40’s next week and with the temperature hitting the 30s only a few days ago, many persons are already finding it difficult to cope with the heat, even during the evenings. 

If you're feeling hot, sweaty and you’re tossing and turning and struggling to get comfortable in bed because of the heat, a warm shower could be the answer.

A cold shower to cool off might seem the obvious choice. The combination of the cold water and the decreased blood flow to the skin may cause you to feel cooler immediately. Yet in fact your core will get warmer because of reduced heat loss from the body without blood flow to the skin. Very shortly, we feel hot again.

A warm shower is better over a cold one because a warm shower will increase blood flow to your skin and increase heat loss from your body. Then you can slip between the sheets, all clean and comfortable with beauty sleep at the go.

If you want to take your warm shower to the next level, try my beauty sleep shower steaming salts to help you to relax and load your beauty sleep.

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