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Could Plants help you to sleep better?

Did you know that plants can help you to sleep better? Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they bring a sense of comfort, calm and help to relax the mind.

They help improve the air quality in your bedroom. They purify the air, and improve your mood. 

The right plants can soothe your mind and Induce calm and a state of relaxation. Plants can also help to reduce background noise.

Here are my top 5 plants in no particular order, which are perfect for the bedroom, easy to care for so never mind that you’re not green-fingered. 

1.     Eucalyptus is one of my favourite essential oils and such a good looking plant. The scent of eucalyptus can lower congestion in your airways and it helps to ward off colds. It is a wonderfully useful plant to have around during the wintertime. 
2.     English Ivy helps to clear off airborne allergens inside the house, as well as toxins and mold. They are even used by medical professionals to treat bronchitis, asthma and arthritis. 

3.     Chinese evergreens give off beautiful variegated leaves and occasional flowers and are beautiful and excellent for improving your air quality. They are pretty low maintenance, tolerate low light and requires water once per week.  
4.     Aloe vera is my favourite succulent! There are just so many uses and benefits of this low maintenance plant. It can be used as a treatment for cold sores and itchiness and was even used by Cleopatra as part of her beauty ritual. Aloe Vera produces oxygen at night so is perfect if you’re worried about plants which take in too much carbon dioxide in your atmosphere. 
5.     Peace lilies also tolerate low light. They represent prosperity and tranquility and its definitely a yes if you want to create a peaceful bedroom atmosphere. It also tolerates low

My suggestions here for plants to improve your sleep does not constitute as medical advice so always seek a medical professional for medical sleep issues and allergies.

These are just 5 favourites. I also love the Monstera Deliciosa and this print on the vegan silk pillowcase is divine and looks fabulous in any bedroom. Which plants do you have and would consider? 

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