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Seaweed Facial Steam for Beauty Sleep
Seaweed Facial Steam for Beauty Sleep
Seaweed Facial Steam for Beauty Sleep
Seaweed Facial Steam for Beauty Sleep
Seaweed Facial Steam for Beauty Sleep


Seaweed Facial Steam for Beauty Sleep

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Wind down for bed like a goddess with this luxuriously indulgent facial steam which has been formulated with a blend of aromatic botanicals and salts from land and sea. 
Facial steaming is an ancient ritual known for detoxing the skin by opening the pores, purifying the skin and boosting circulation to promote a glowy complexion. 
 This Sleepgoddess blend encourages relaxation to bring out your inner glow.
  • Organic Seaweed encourages collagen production  and tightens the skin and smoothes out fine lines. It regenerates the skin cells.
  • Juniper berries help to reduce emotional stress and regulate hormones and improve skin conditions impacted by hormonal imbalances
  • Cornflower is a traditional toner and brightens the complexion
  • Rose Pink Himalayan Rock Salts and Dead Sea Salts contains magnesium and other nutrients to help stress melt away.


Place 1 handful/tablespoon portion in a large bowl of hot water while exercising caution. Allow to steep & cool slightlv. For added benefits, create a steam tent by placing a towel over vour head & the bowl. Relax and enjoy for 5-15 minutes. Follow on with our favourite toner or moisturiser.

For sensitive skin, reduce the temperature of the water & usage time.

CAUTION: For adult use only. Keep out reach of children. This product is not meant to treat Insomnia or sleep deprivation. Recommended for use 1 to 2 times per week. 

Packaged in an eco-friendly, cardboard jar which is recyclable and compostable, there are 3-4 facial steam uses. 


Ingredients: Cornflower. Juniper berries Juniperus Communis) Bladder Wrack Seaweed (Fucus vesiculosus), Sea Kelp, Calendula Marigold (Calendula officinalis) Rose petals Dead Sea Salt, Rose Pink Himalayan Rock Salt